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Who We Are

Kin Tam, Managing Director Kin Tam, Managing Director
ProCorp was founded by Kin Tam and a group of US investors as the sole buying agency for Progressive International Corporation. As Managing Director, Tam has overseen the successful expansion of the company's sourcing and logistics operations to Dongguan and Shanghai in China and concluded equity participation in multiple plastics manufacturing operations in the Pearl River Delta area of South China. His unique understanding of Asian and American business practices has allowed ProCorp to expand its reach and the company now markets and sells branded and OEM household products to more than twenty countries around the world.

Tam's extensive background in international marketing and merchandising allows him to react proactively and quickly to the ever-changing demands of a global marketplace. Tam's negotiation capabilities and partnership with key manufacturing suppliers throughout Asia provides ProCorp customers with better services, terms, and a competitive price advantage.

In creating direct FOB China/Hong Kong customer-specific programs, Tam's experience allows ProCorp to provide expansive technical, logistical, marketing and merchandising support for overseas customers who would not otherwise have a presence in Asia.

Our Staff
Our staff includes qualified professionals in the fields of product development, sourcing, merchandising, package design, quality control, and logistics. We are fluent in English and Chinese and possess an in-depth understanding of retail markets in many countries including, the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, Australia, and New Zealand.