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Product & Package Design
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New Product Design

Beginning with our customers' initial request, ProCorp handles all aspects of new product development, from design concept to final shipment.

This includes:

Our product design experts are some of the most innovative in the business. We can create unique products in many materials to give our customers the competitive edge.

Package Design

ProCorp offers Product & Package Design expertise via our exclusive collaboration with a US-based design team as well as contracting with independent design firms. Our team of experts can help you revitalize an existing brand or develop a completely new packaging program from the ground up.

We encourage our private label customers to upgrade their product lines with colorful, creative, eye-catching package designs that differentiate their products from competing brand-name products. We ensure that the printers affiliated with our manufacturers abide by our quality standards for color and finishing.

In addition to graphic design, our unique technical and artistic skills deliver robust packaging shapes that withstand shipping and stand out in the marketplace.